How to kill an internet marketing program

Company leaders in Chicago and Milwaukee rarely arrive at work and intentionally try to kill an internet or web marketing program. However, over the last 20 years of working with large and small businesses, I’ve observed three ways companies kill internet marketing programs. Skeptical or apathetic leaders. While educating senior leaders on internet marketing strategy […]

A "smart-start" guide to strategic marketing

Do you love “starting” something new like trying out a new app.  Sure, its simple to download, install, and begin using an app; but the “fun” can quickly die-out when you lack a plan or process for how you’ll use it. In a similar way, many of Autumn’s B2B clients are ready to start a new strategic marketing, a […]

Quickly Emerging Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing trends are constantly adapting and changing due to changes in technology and attitudes towards different interest. Obviously it can be overwhelming at times because what was trending last week may already be in the rearview mirror the following week! No one knows exactly what will stay and what will be a short-lived fad, but […]

Why Interactive Marketing will be Big in 2016.

Remember back in school when you were handed a thick textbook and told to read from it to get the information needed for class? It wasn’t always the most fun then, so why are we expecting customers to enjoy it now, especially in a world leaning towards quicker and faster information. Customers are always looking […]

How Small Businesses Can Capitalize On Content Marketing in 2016.

Yes that’s right, 2016 is right around the corner. With 2015 coming to an end, it is important to figure out what marketing trends are here to stay and which will become a fad of the past. Here at Autumn Consulting we pride ourselves on knowing what trends are here to stay. Here are a […]

Maintaining flexibility in your strategic marketing plan

When running a business, every owner has some sort of strategic marketing plan in place. The only question is, is it only in the owner’s head and takes a new shape after every decent idea? Or is the plan carved in stone sitting at the corner of a desk and hasn’t been changed for 20 […]

The Importance of Web Usability in B2B Marketing

The aesthetics, great! The content, great! Spelling and punctuation, great! Is the site usable though? Usability plays a vital role in web marketing and is often overlooked in B2B as it is only seen as important for B2C. Here at Autumn Consulting, not only do we understand the importance of usability for your site, but […]

Uncapping the Power of Social Media in B2B Marketing

Having a strong presence on social media can be critical to the brand of your company. At Autumn Consulting we use social media marketing to connect with your audience in a multitude of positive ways.     1.It allows you to connect with your current audience and/or clients instantly. By regularly updating your prospects on […]

Key trends for B2B marketing in Milwaukee and Chicago

At Autumn Consulting, we know how important it is to stay aware of trends in the marketing industry. Business strategies and trends are always changing and molding, and that is why it is important to identify what is important for a company’s success and how to capitalize on it. As a full service marketing agency […]

Uncovering the B2B Marketing Value

One of the most valuable steps for developing an effective b2b digital marketing strategy is interviewing and listening to our client’s sales staff. Effective sales team members typically know the issues, misconceptions and challenges facing their prospects during the buying process. So, why not leverage our firm’s web marketing strategy to support and reinforce your staff’s message […]

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